Devon Seafood & Steak: Kendall's Finest New Eats

Strawberry basil mojito: 10 Cane rum, muddled strawberries, sweet basil, pure cane syrup, fresh-squeezed lime juice ($10).
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Char-crusted Hawaiian ahi tuna: Parmesan-herb roasted potatoes, asparagus, foyot sauce ($34).

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Devon Seafood & Steak

11715 Sherri Lane, Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

Cadillac Ranch

11735 Sherry Lane, Kendall, FL

Category: Restaurant

Blue Martini at the Palms at Town & Country

8405 Mills Drive, Kendall Lakes, FL

Category: Music

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My wife and I went tonight to eagerly try the new restaurant nearby our home which we had heard about, @Devon_Kendall. Our first impression was not that great after my wife called about a week ago to inquire about a reservation, and were told that the earliest they could seat us Valentine's day would be at 5:00pm. This was too early for us, so we proceeded to make reservations for Friday, and my wife was told that they would put us on the waiting list for Thursday (Valentine's day) in case a spot opened up later than 5:00pm. The day before, Wednesday, my wife received a voice message from a girl from the restaurant informing her that some spots had opened up (3 spots, around 7pm), and asking her to please call back if we wanted those spots. My wife called them back within about an hour, and after we explained the call she received from the restaurant, the person who answered proceeded to tell my wife that there were not spots available and she couldn't explain the messages my wife received (nor confirm they were actually made). After my wife insisted she had received a call from the restaurant, she then got transferred to 3 different people who seemed unable to explain what had occurred and insisted there were no spots available. Finally, the last person she spoke to informed her that she would indeed accommodate us, and we were "confirmed" for 7:00pm. I know this was exactly what occurred, because the entire time I was sitting next to my wife listening to the conversation, as we were driving to the hospital to visit here grandfather who was moments from passing away. Despite the poor first impression of how this restaurant handled phone calls and reservations, we decided to go against our gut and go there the next day for Valentine's day. Unfortunately, we now know we should have paid closer attention to out initial instincts, because as we arrived there on Valentine's day, early for our so-called "reservation", desperately hoping to take our minds off of losing my wife's grandfather the previous day, we were told upon arriving that we were not on the list of reservations anywhere. My wife calmly and nicely (as only my wife can do), told the manager exactly what had transpired with the phone calls the day before. I explained that I was sitting right next to her while these conversations took place, and my wife offered to play the voice message for the manager of the call which she received letting us know they had some spots open up for us. Rather than apologize for confusion and attempt to figure out what the employees of this business establishment had done incorrectly and use this as an opportunity to improve their customer service by listening to customer feedback....the manager decided to accuse us of lying by stating that the message wouldn't prove anything because we might have not called them back! So we decided (or more I decided, unfortunately for my sweet loving wife who would have likely allowed this restaurant and their 20-something year old manager to mistreat us because of her natural tendency to avoid confrontation and be kind to people) walk out and look for another place to enjoy our evening dinner and give our business to (thank you Town Restaurant for accommodating us!).

As two business owners, my wife and I are always shocked when we find businesses who seem to feel that they are not providing a service but rather doing a favor by servicing clientele and collecting their money! Devon restaurant, we will never step foot in your establishment and we will be sure to share our experience with whoever will listen. Word of mouth travels fast, especially when it's a bad experience.

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