Best Tapas Restaurants in Miami

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7. Happy Wine

Happy Wine makes our cut for a number of reasons. As the name suggests, it's a contented place. And it's filled with wine -- over 500 labels at a very reasonable cost. You can also have the wine here accompanied by complimentary pan con tomate and inexpensive selections of hot and cold tapas. Paella at $12.99 that's enough for two people is another reason to get you happy and keep you coming back here, for wining and dining.

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Alex Rodriguez
6. Sugarcane

Sugarcane is fun and pretty. That alone makes it a trendy place where one goes to see and be seen. But it also has a great menu, with a section dedicated to tapas. Everything on the menu, not limited to the tapas, can easily be shared -- offerings include snacks, sushi, and large plates that come out as they are prepared. The dishes here, like the bacon-wrapped dates (filled with manchego), embody the union of cultures and traditions in our melting pot of a city. More than just the food, Sugarcane makes our cut because of its location, ambiance, and overall concept, which is reminiscent of Barcelona.

5. Xixon

Xixon has paid a tribute to Spain for over 10 years now. Tables made out of barrels and a tapas bar are just one of the many charming qualities of this grand locale. Spanish delicacies are offeredas well as fairly priced and nicely flavored wine bottles out of the cellar. All are perfect for having your own tapas party... at home. Or you can choose to make Xixon your home for the night, as many Spaniards who come here do. But the most charming and authentic in this establishment are the people who run it, who are husband and wife. With daily specials and hot and cold tapas starting at only $2, Spain has never been so close and attainable.

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3881 NE 163rd St., North Miami Beach, FL

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The Bazaar by Jose Andres

1701 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

Barceloneta Spanish Bistro & Mercat

1400 20th St., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

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/criticizes the fake tapas trend

//lists sugar cane and pubbelly

seems legit. 

José Manuel
José Manuel

Tapas y Tintos is an embarrassment for Spanish food, not one spaniard eats there and should not be on this list. That place is the typical tourist trap, it is absolutely disgusting. As a spaniard, I'd say Tapas de Rosa, Ria de Vigo and Xixón are the best tapas we have in Miami.

Craig Chester
Craig Chester

Wow no Delicias de Espana on Bird/Red Rd? For shame!

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