Loveliest Edible Gifts for Valentine's Day

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Valentine's day is here.What are you going to do? Where are you going to go? Who are you going to be with?

Lucky for you, Short Order has all the answers for the romantic holiday. We've already given you a guide to restaurants doing Valentine's dinner, foods to make you a stallion in the sack, and the prettiest spirits to sip on. So what's left?

Well can't tell you who to spend it with (that you're going to have to decide for yourself), but we can give you our list of the loveliest and tastiest chocolate edibles that you can get your sweetheart, mom, co-worker, or boss on this Valentine's day.

Haven't you heard the way to someone's heart is through their stomach.

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gol ball chocolates.jpg
Golf Ball Chocolate Dipped Oreo's
Who said Valentine's a was only for girls? Certainly not cupid. Maybe on his free time he dropped his bow and arrow and picked up a few golf clubs. That would explain these Oreo cookies that are wrapped in fine gourmet Belgian Chocolate. Did we mention you also get to choose your dip? White, milk or dark. Nine come to a box. That should be plentiful in case Cupid's having a hard time with his aim.

love tower.jpg
Love Tower
Haven't bit by the love bug this Valentine's day? We've got the cure. John & Kira's famous hand-painted chocolate ladybugs pack a mint, raspberry, or honey-lavender flavorful sting. And they're oh so cute. You might not even want to eat them, although we recommend it.

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