Martha Stewart Talks SoBeWFF, Love of Florida, and Vegetarian Meals

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Martha Stewart
For more on the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, check out New Times' Taste guide, hitting newsstands Thursday, February 21.

Martha Stewart is the woman who does it all. Just reading her list of accomplishments -- author of 77 books, host of an Emmy-winning television show, and founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia -- is enough to exhaust the average person. The "domestic diva" shows no signs of slowing down.

She's just released Meatless, a cookbook filled with 200 vegetarian recipes from the kitchens of Martha Stewart Living, and is serving double duty at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

On Saturday, February 23, at 11:15 a.m., Stewart will be conducting a demo at the Grand Tasting Village, showcasing a vegetarian meal from her new book. Later that day, Stewart will trade in her apron for evening attire when she serves as mistress of ceremonies at the annual Tribute Dinner honoring Nobu Matsuhisa and Christophe Navarre at the Loews Hotel on Miami Beach. In addition to her "official" role at the festival, look for Stewart at the various other SoBe Fest events during the weekend. In past years, she's been spotted at Burger Bash and Diamond Dishes, enjoying the food and chatting with fellow chefs.

We spoke with Stewart about her part in the festival and her plans for the weekend.

New Times: Your demo at this year's Grand Tasting Village will feature a vegetarian dish from your new book, Meatless. Some chefs say a meatless meal is not worth cooking -- or eating. Do you agree?
Martha Stewart: I disagree with chefs who say you can't have a full vegetarian meal, because there are so many recipes that offer a balanced dish despite the fact that there's no meat. I'm not 100 percent vegetarian, but there are many, many days I don't eat meat. I have a vegetarian daughter and there's no meat at all in her household of five. They're all thriving. I have many friends who are vegetarian; some are vegan. I'm very happy with eating sushi one night a week and eating a lot of vegetables. I usually eat fish rather than meat.

Do you think that the average American would benefit from cutting back on meat intake and eating a few vegetarian meals per week?
I really think it has to do with the environment, having a more sustainable lifestyle, a longer life. It has to do with what we shouldn't be eating as much as what we do.

You're also the mistress of ceremonies at this year's Tribute Dinner, which is quite an honor. Speaking of honor, you're a past honoree. How does it feel to honor Nobu Matsuhisa and Christophe Navarre this year?
I'm so excited. Nobu asked for me. We've been friends for a very, very long time. I even traveled to Japan with him once and we toured the fish markets together and spent some good times in Tokyo. Wherever there's a Nobu, I go. I really feel that Nobu has changed the way Americans consume Japanese food. I think he did that single-handedly and opened the way for all other Japanese chefs and restaurants all over the world, actually.

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Anna Tomczak
Anna Tomczak

Sure, Florida IS real nice...especially more so if live in South Beach and have more money than God does. And Martha, I am so with you on being a vegetarian. I think everybody should think about the moral issues when it comes to eating animals..if you are truly aware of what you are indeed eating, I think most people would give up meat....Try just a week of not eating will be surprized how easy it is and how much better you feel.

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