Martha Stewart Talks SoBeWFF, Love of Florida, and Vegetarian Meals

How do you plan to honor him?
I'm writing my talk right now. I have a lot to say about Nobu and his phenomenal career. And I requested that we have a lot of Japanese chefs preparing food for Nobu and I think that's working out, in addition to a few of the other top, top chefs that are friends of his.
I was honored several years ago, and I try to support the festival because it really brings together good chefs, good food, and great talk in one place. Everyone is so brilliant and happy and up at this festival, so I try to see as many people as possible. We're just trying to figure out my schedule, so I don't know where I'll be yet.

Besides the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, you travel to South Florida quite frequently. What are some of your favorite places?
I love Florida. I think I've eaten in most restaurants in Miami, and the food was very good in almost every one. I've also been to Palm Beach quite a bit, and I was really happy in the Keys. One outstanding restaurant was called Chef Michael's in Islamorada, which was really tasty. You could bring your own fresh catch and you could sit at the bar. It was very pleasant.

In Miami, I love the Soho House and the Fontainebleau. I usually stay at one or the other. I also stay at the Setai. The restaurants are quite spectacular. I go everywhere from the Cuban coffee shop to the newest restaurant.

You're an accomplished author, television personality, and businesswoman. You wear many, many hats, but which one is your love, the one closest to your heart?
I think that writing is my favorite thing. It's authorship. I also love coming up with new entrepreneurial ideas.

Are you really a major do-it-yourselfer? When you blog or tweet about cooking for a party or gardening at the house -- do you really still do all that yourself?
Oh yeah. And I take many, many of the pictures myself.

So you run an extremely large enterprise and still cook and craft -- yet most people can't even heat up a can of soup at the end of the day. How do you do it?
You just have to be awfully organized. I also have help. For instance, Tuesday and Wednesday I'm going to be at my house in Maine for a photo shoot. There's not very much open in Maine right now, so I ordered the makings for a fabulous Bolognese sauce, some great pastas, and some great Parmesan cheese. So I'll make it for everyone who's staying at the house for the shoot. I don't care what time I stay up until. But I didn't have to go to the store. That helps. If you're an organized shopper, you can do most of your shopping by the week instead of by the day. That saves a lot of time.

You've been a familiar face on television, we've read your books, we listen to you on the radio. We feel as though we know you, but tell us one thing we probably never would have guessed about you.
One of my favorite things to do is work in the greenhouse at night, grooming and trimming my plants. That's the only time I can do that. But it's a very relaxing and soothing thing to do. To get into those greenhouses and pay attention to each and every one of the hundreds of plants that are in there, and I sort of know them all by plant. I don't know their names, but I know them.

Names? Like plant names, or do you name them -- like Sally and Joe?
No, no, no, no, no, no... I name my apples.

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Anna Tomczak
Anna Tomczak

Sure, Florida IS real nice...especially more so if live in South Beach and have more money than God does. And Martha, I am so with you on being a vegetarian. I think everybody should think about the moral issues when it comes to eating animals..if you are truly aware of what you are indeed eating, I think most people would give up meat....Try just a week of not eating will be surprized how easy it is and how much better you feel.

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