Miami Among Cheapest Cities to Buy Beer, Study Says

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When you've evolved past the days of Natty Light and Bud Select, beer drinking can become an expensive habit. Lucky for brew hounds in the 305, a new study says Miami actually ranks among the cheapest cities to buy beer.

According to Nerd Wallet's calculations, MIA comes in at #9 behind cities like Carlsbad, New Mexico; Galesburg, Illinois; Phoenix, Arizona and Rockford, Illinois.

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The data is based on the cost of a six-pack of Heineken. In Miami, it runs $7.56, in Carlsbad, $7.25 and in New York City (Manhattan to be exact), a whopping $12.63.

(The question remains as to who the hell would pay $12.63 for a six-pack of Heineken, but after enduring freezing temps, a 45-minute Subway ride and a five-story walk-up - there's probably a lot of desperation involved.)

Some of the other pricey cities include Richmond, Indiana; Moses Lake, Washington and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Random, we know.

Why Heineken? No idea, but at least it's not Bud Light.

The overall numbers are based on the ACCRA Cost of Living Index.

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James Tony Nieves
James Tony Nieves

Definitely not true, go west and you will find beer much cheaper, actually, drinking in general is much cheaper going west than in Miami

Keith Lawler
Keith Lawler

Only if you count buying beer at Navarro pharmacies.

Xaviant Haze
Xaviant Haze

let me know when we can buy weed that way i can leave seattle


I don't know how accurately this reflects beer prices. A six pack of Heineken does not reflect the beer drinking scene. I went to NY City recently and was having craft beers at a bar for about the same price as I was getting here. Dogfish 60 minute is $6 on average in all the bars I go to in Miami (excluding clubs and the such) and in NY I saw the same $6 range.

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