SoBeWFF: Michael Symon Wants To Win Burger Bash For a Fourth Time

Michael Symon and the Burger Bash: For the love of meat,
Last year, celebrity chef Michael Symon shocked the throngs of meat lovers at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival's Burger Bash by winning the coveted People's Choice award three years in a row.

Symon's "Porky Burger", a pigfest made from pork and bacon, crowned with a hunk of pulled pork, and served with a side of pork cracklins, combined with the chef's mega-watt smile, proved a winning combination as thousands of hungry party goers surrendered their voting token to the television co-host, restaurateur, and all-around genuine nice guy.

This year Symon's back and he's aiming to turn his three-peat into a lucky foursome. We spoke with the affable chef to talk burgers and all things meaty.

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New Times: Michael, you're back at Burger Bash for a fourth win. And we've gotta ask why don't you just retire victorious?
Michael Symon: I feel like at this point if I don't do it then all my friends will give me grief because they won't get a chance to whoop me. Of course, if I win I'll get grief for winning. I'll get grief either way, so I figure I might as well do it one more year.

Each year, your burger's had a theme. What's this year's burger?

We're going to do a burger inspired by French onion soup. It's going to start with red wine and caramelized onions with bacon. Then comes the burger, then a gruyere and horseradish fondue. We'll top it with crispy onions.

This is what we always love to do with our burgers at my B Spot restaurants.. We take classic burgers and combine them with things people like. My Fat Doug burger is based on a New York pastrami sandwich, then last year we did a burger based on a pulled pork sandwich. That was a porkapalooza. This year we're taking another classic, French onion soup, and were going to jazz it up a bit. I think it's the tastiest burger we've ever done.

Do you create these specially for the Burger Bash?

Our first year at Burger Bash we served the first signature burger at B Spot. The others we did were originals and they went on the B Spot menu after we won.

I don't mean to jinx you, but would you put a burger on the menu even if it didn't win?
Even if it doesn't win it will still go on the menu because this is the best one so far.

A lot of people want to know your secret to winning Burger Bash. Do you slip people $20 bills in exchange for their token?
We try to give them the best burger and we're nice to the people in line.

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