Ten Superfoods to Make You a Stallion in the Sack

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3. Goji Berries These potent superfood berries have long been used in Asian countries to promote sexual desire and functionality, among many other uses. The anti-oxidant-packed berries increase testosterone production, which has been shown to make both men and women hornier. The berries are also thought to increase overall stamina, improve mood, and decrease feelings of stress, all of which can be helpful between the sheets.

2. Raw Chocolate or Cacao Chocolate is seriously good for you --- as long as you don't ruin its health properties by processing the raw product and adding refined sugars and animal fats to the mix. Packed with phytonutrients and anti-oxidants, raw cacao is available in powder form to add to smoothies or healthy desserts, and also in succulent bar form by companies like Organic Nectars. One of the compounds in chocolate thought to have the strongest aphrodisiac effects is tryptophan, a component of serotonin, which is the chemical responsible for arousal and general happiness. The other is phenylethylamine, a close relative of amphetamine, which is released in the brain when people fall in love.

1. Maca My very favorite superfood for promoting sexual desire and health is a root vegetable called maca that's indigenous to the Andean mountains in Peru. Most widely available in raw powder form, maca plants were considered so valuable that they were used as currency in some ancient (and even a few modern) Peruvian tribes. They have been used for thousands of years as remedies for a host of ailments, not the least of which is to treat low libido. Modern studies need to be expanded upon, but some do point to the root's aphrodisiac properties, its ability to increase semen quality, and other sexual health benefits. I can personally vouch for the superfood's mood- and energy-boosting properties as well.

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Thanks Camille! Amazing!!! I really want to buy those superfoods! Is it available in the market? Where can I possibly buy Maca and Gogi berries?? This is an answered prayer. Thanks!

Brent Bredwell
Brent Bredwell

What about " Sex Panther." Works 60% of the time. All the time


no wonder why me and my husband have such a good time after i make my asparagus dish with papaya drizzle mmmmm going to try using my "Terramazon organic cacao with maca" powder in a smoothie for dessert and really steam things up!! WOOO hooOo thanks camille!

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