Ten Twitter Handles to Follow During SoBeWFF

Andrew Zimmern is a Twitter machine.
Can't make it to this year's South Beach Wine & Food Festival? We hear ya. Tickets are kind of expensive.

Fret not. Luckily, Twitter allows complete strangers to pry into the lives of those who live publicly, like Cooking Channel and Food Network idols, for instance.

This year, experience SoBe Fest through these guys and their high-profile tweets. The only other thing that would make the vicarious experience more authentic is if you have a glass of wine in hand at all times. But that would be too hard to handle.

Lee Schrager
As the papa of the festival, Schrager is the obvious man to follow for all things fest-related. You'll see a lot of requests for bromance dates while out-of-town toques are here. Anthony Bourdain
Sassy-pants Bourdain holds nothing back when it comes to his Twitter feed. He'll host the Jiro Dreams of Sushi screening, along with a Q&A afterward. That sounds fine and dandy, but as a backseat passenger to the festival, you'll get his real thoughts on everything and everyone -- cough, cough, Paula -- in real time. Paula Deen
Speaking of Paul Deen, she's also someone to follow for festival scoop. America's favorite Southern nana doesn't tweet much beyond PR-ish notes about her appearances and books and recipes. But we have a feeling this year will be different. Don't expect her boasting about her best SNL skit, and don't expect her to use the N-word (nutrition, y'all) too often either. But maybe, just maybe, she'll tweet out a couple pics of hilarity.

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