Ten Twitter Handles to Follow During SoBeWFF

Debi Mazar
The Cooking Channel's sexiest host of Extra Virgin uses her Twitter feed in the same manner as her stream of consciousness. You'll see everything from her mom thoughts to her TV-personality thoughts to her midlife-crisis thoughts (even though she's only 48) and everything in between. She recently tweeted she can't wait to be in the warm Miami weather. Expect a lot of pics of palm trees and beach at SoBe Fest! Andrew Zimmern
Remember Cocktober? That originated from Andrew Zimmern's Twitter feed. And if that can come from it, imagine the possibilities when you throw in a dash of famous chefs, a pinch of South Beach sea salt, and a splash of liquor. Oh, the possibilities indeed. Anne Burrell
The last time we saw Burrell at the festival, we thought she was white-girl wasted. We'll never really know if that was true, but her timeline is equally entertaining. She actually just left our stomping grounds but will turn around and come back this weekend. Seems she had fun, so chances are she'll have more fun this time around.

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