Terrazza Chef Stefano Riccioletti's Son Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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Karlie Tomica is being sued by son of chef she allegedly killed.
The son of the South Beach chef killed in a hit-and-run has filed a lawsuit against the driver and the bar in which she worked.

According to NBC6, Jacopo Riccioletti, the son of Stefano Riccioletti, filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Miami-Dade Circuit Court against  20 year-old KarlieTomica and Nikki Beach Miami's owner, Penrod Brothers, Inc.

The lawsuit states Tomica was served alcohol during and/or after her work shift at Nikki Beach the day of the incident and became "intoxicated to the extent she could not drive safely".

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- Terrazza Chef Stefano Riccioletti Killed in Hit-and-Run

Karlie Tomica "Is Not a Horrible Person", says Former Co-Worker

Furthermore, the lawsuit claims, "The club knew or should have known that she was going to drive. It was foreseeable to the club that she posed a dangerous risk of injury or death to other motorists and/or pedestrians."

Nikki Beach's owners and Tomica have 20 days to respond to the lawsuit in court. It is not known what  damages are requested.

Stefano Riccioletti, executive chef at Terrazza at the Shore Club, was killed in a hit-and-run crash outside the Shelborne Hotel on South Beach. Tomica was allegedly driving the car and fled the scene of the accident. She was followed by a witness who called 911 while pursuing the woman. Tomica was arrested and charged with "leaving the scene of a crash involving death".

Jacopo Riccioletti told NBC 6 that Tomica was "stupid. She killed my father and he was a great man, and I miss him a lot." Riccioletti also said that although a lawsuit cannot bring back the father of three, he, "deserved better than to die the way he did".

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Penrod Brothers, Inc.leases the land from the city of Miami Beach.  What does the city have to say about one of it's business partners?  No comment?  Do police department records indicate that this is a troubled location? 

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