Bacon Condoms, Sunscreen, and Mouthwash: Which Are Real?

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Bacon. What else can you do with it?

Our obsession with this meat candy made from the flesh of pigs never wanes. In fact, it seems the more bacon we have, the more we want.

Take for example baconlube. The brainchild of J&D's Foods, the lube, which ironically is vegan and sells for $11.99, created a media frenzy when it was launched about a year ago.

Now, J&D is launching bacon condoms and bacon sunscreen.

We spoke with Justin Esch, the "J" in J&D (the "D" stands for partner Dave Lefkow) about the new products.

Esch told us that while about 95 percent of J&D's sales comes from more mainstream food items such as bacon salt and Bacon Pop popcorn, the novelty products are the most enjoyable to make -- and market. "They break up the mundane. It's all about having fun and being true to who we are."

J&D's Foods
The bacon condoms ($9.99) come in a package that looks like a slice of bacon, and they're treated with bacon lube. By the way, they are completely legit. "The FDA is involved, and there's a lot of testing that goes on," he says. "We could have made novelty condoms, but really, what fun is that?" The condoms will likely be available for shipment around the end of June or the beginning of July.



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