Five Restaurants With the Best Service in Miami

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A great meal starts with great service.
Let's play a little free association. When you think of Miami dining, you probably come up with terms like fresh, light, daring, and innovative. But what about great service? For years, snowbirds and recent transplants from parts north have bantered about how service was sooooo much better in New York than it is here in Miami.

They are full of baloney. First of all, there are more aspiring actors in the Big Apple who would rather be booking a Listerine commercial than helping you choose between a burger and a salad. Second, there are many people in the restaurant industry -- from chef to server -- who take great pride in what they do for a living, and many of them are in Miami.

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- Azul, Naoe on Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star List

In fact, Miami has been in the news lately. Its restaurants winning top honors in service categories from major national publications and websites.

Last week, Azul and Naoe were given five stars by the Forbes Travel Guide -- a first for Miami restaurants -- and today, Naoe was the only Miami restaurant to be named as one of OpenTable's top 100 restaurants for service.

Not every restaurant has to be super-expensive to impart a wonderful experience. Great service can be as simple as the small café that calls regulars by name and makes diners feel at home with extra coffee, a smile, and extensive knowledge about the food.

Here's our list of Miami restaurants that treat their customers like royalty.

5. GreenStreet Café
Surprised GreenStreet made our list? You shouldn't be. This iconic café, nestled on a tree-lined corner in Coconut Grove, is busy any time of the day or night -- and the food is only part of the attraction. Take a seat in the morning and you might see the mayor and a group of city commissioners having a power meal near a gathering of moms taking a coffee break. The one thing they all have in common is the fact that they're treated equally well at GreenStreet. This place is the Cheers bar on steroids -- everybody knows not only your name but also the fact that you like skim milk in your latte, prefer cream cheese to butter on your toast, and want only egg whites in your omelet. Come back on a Sunday and you'll see the same people at the same tables -- diners remaining loyal to their favorite servers. In return, the servers remember the names of every dog, every grandchild, and every birthday that comes their way. It's intimate and personal. And it proves that great service does not have to equal an exorbitant bill.

4. Joe's Stone Crab
There's usually a seriously long wait for a table at Joe's Stone Crab. Just get a drink at the bar and deal with it, because once you sit down, you'll be treated to not only some good seafood but also one of the last remnants of old-time service -- when being a waiter was a noble profession to which people aspired. Sure, you'll have a lead server who will introduce himself to you by name, but you'll also have dozens of other servers who appear out of nowhere. There is a well-orchestrated symphony of service nightly at Joe's, which makes dining here a complete experience.

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GreenStreet Cafe

3468 Main Highway, Coconut Grove, FL

Category: Restaurant

Joe's Stone Crab Restaurant

11 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

Red the Steakhouse

119 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

Azul Restaurant

500 Brickell Key Dr., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant


661 Brickell Key Dr, Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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Zuma and the Forge are missing from this list... whats up with the research News Times??

Frank Castle
Frank Castle

ive been to alot of restaurants with good service here in miami, what are you talking about new times

Barbara S Manzano
Barbara S Manzano

I know it's one bad waiter or waitress and not the restaurant per se but my AmEx was skimmed (cloned) at Greenstreets and they proceeded to charge $100s in gas and other items.

Matt Hirschenbein
Matt Hirschenbein

I'm sure everyone has another restaurant that they feel should be on this list, but mine would be ZUMA. Incredible food, beverage program, AND service.

Leslie Hudler
Leslie Hudler

What?!! Good service exists in Miami?? Mind officially blown!

Mercy Mercy-Me
Mercy Mercy-Me

Route 9 is the best place I've eaten in Miami in terms of both food and service hands down.

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