Miami Cocktail Company's Low-Cal Concoctions

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Move over, Bethenny Frankel, and take your Skinny Girl swill with you. There's a tastier, stronger low-cal cocktail company in town. And P.S.: The makers are better-looking than you too.

The dudes at Miami Cocktail Company are now plying the 305 with their zero-sugar, zero-carb, 99.9 percent natural piña colada and old-time sweet tea concoctions. Dieting never tasted so good.

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We stopped by Vintage Liquors in midtown yesterday for a taste of the new cocktail combos. Met by the handsome cofounders (with matching shaved heads), Ross Graham and Simon Benstead, we got schooled on the low-cal cocktail market.

Most "diet" cocktail or liquor companies lower the calorie count by watering down the drink's potency, Graham and Benstead say. Voli, for instance, has about 25 percent fewer calories than regular vodka -- and it's also about 10 percent weaker. The same goes for the über-popular Skinny Girl line. The mixes vary in strength, but Skinny Girl piña colada, for example, is 9.95 percent ABV.

But the Miami Cocktail Company is all about keeping its combos potent. Otherwise, what's the point? Their drinks sit at 15 percent ABV -- enough to get a healthy buzz on.

"The important thing to point out is that calorically it's identical to a vodka water or a rum water or a tequila water. We often joke -- Ross has been saying this for a long time -- we can take more alcohol out of it, but if you take the vodka away from your screwdriver, you're left with OJ," Benstead says.

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Vintage Liquors and Wine Bar

3301 NE 1st Ave., Miami, FL

Category: General

Vintage Liquors and Wine Bar

3301 NE 1st Ave., Miami, FL

Category: General

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