Miami Fine Chocolate and Food Show: Not Wonkaville

chocolate basketball.jpg
Paul Joachim poses with his larger-than-life LeBron James -- made from cake and chocolate.

chocolate silkfortunecookies.jpg
Each silk purse contains a chocolate from Flying Noir.

chocolate azcanteen.jpg
AZ Canteen's oyster and crab gumbo was rich and spicy.

chocolate cayenne.jpg
Our favorite bite: Cayenne pepper-laced chocolate from Miami-based Ronanicos.

chocolate blackiesbesthotsauce.jpg
Speaking of spicy, we loved Blackie's Best Gourmet Pepper Sauce, made with local Redlands peppers.

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Location Info

Pinecrest Gardens

11000 Red Road, Pinecrest, FL

Category: Restaurant

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These events seem to be the latest craze - "let's have a beer/wine/dessert/food festival!"  But there's really no accountability when they don't deliver.   This is the problem with pop-up food/alcohol fairs.  Whether they oversell tickets or under deliver food/drinks - this is not the first time this has happened. I'd venture to say most tickets are likely being sold thru the discount sites (Groupon, Living Social, etc).  Hmm, if you've got to dump your tickets on those sites, then you're asking too much in the first place.   

asperez Pinecrest Gardens we completely agree with your insights.  This was a first time endeavor for the organizer of the show (they do the Chicago Chocolate show and a really good job with it).  As you are aware, we produce most of our shows ourselves...this time, we were approached by an outside show organizer who rented out the property.  Our market is quirky--nothing like Chicago, but more importantly, the organizer understands the issues, and in our post-show meeting today restated his comittment to making this show a great show for years to come by recognizing several issues;  1. ticket price (it was clearly too high) 2.  vendor numbers (there were too few) 3.  samples (not enough for the crowds that came, and in many cases too skimpy) & 4.  not enough entertainment or children's activities.  I believe that this will be rectified next year...and I encourage anyone who has further comments for him, to send him a message through the Miami Fine Chocolate and Food Show website or Facebook Page. 

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