Miami's Best Eats and Drinks This Weekend

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There will be plenty of this to go around.
You'd think food bloggers' jobs would be easy. Go out, eat, write. Go out, eat, write. Drink, go out, drink, write, drink.

It's kind of not like that at all. We spend more time running around the city than we do actually sitting at a table and eating. A perfect example is the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, which is fun for non-writers but work for writers. But we think everyone deserves a relaxing detox weekend now that the festival is over.

We've picked places and gatherings completely out of the way of the normal hot spots (to give you a breath of fresh air), and give a few tips on how to start next week on a good foot.

Bill Wisser
NOT Olive Garden.
Reverse this disturbing study that shamed American food lovers everywhere. OK, now that we think about it, maybe you should start your weekend detox tomorrow. Did you know there are people in this world who prefer Coke to beer and consider the Olive Garden authentic Italian food? We know, we shuddered too. We're not trying to be uppity food snobs or anything -- we love a warm Olive Garden breadstick as much as anyone, but authentic Italian? In the spirit of our national community, this would be the perfect weekend to go out and buy a few of your favorite craft beers (and rub it in Coke's face), and then afterward, hit up Ni.Do. Caffè or Porto Vino. Do it for the good of the country, soldier.

Get out for some tacos. There's a new co-op in town, and it's got your name written all over it -- that is, if your name is John. Ergo, John's Tacos, the taco co-op operating off-hours out of Josh's Deli's. Seven varieties of taco combinations fill a small menu, and just about everything is made in-house (with the exception of handmade tortillas, which are made in some local person's house). Each taco costs about $4, but there are nightly specials and homemade desserts. Chips and guac are made to order, and Surfside isn't a tough place to find parking. Done and done.

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Rosy Cordero
Rosy Cordero

Ooh tacos in Surfside?! Will be checking that spot out soon!!

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