Miami's Best Eats and Drinks this Weekend

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Yesenia Hernandez
We can bitch and complain all we want about our laborious weekdays at work, but when it comes to the weekend, the bitching needs to stop.

Ain't nobody got time fo' anything besides chocolate festivals, beer festivals, and Calle Ocho. So quit your complaining and start planning your sure-to-be-awesome weekend.

Missed some deadlines? Chocolate at Pincrest Gardens can fix that. Got yelled at by the boss? A spring and summer craft beer festival in Coconut Grove should do the trick. Lacking a little sazón? A Latin American pride party will do right by you.

OK, so, we're gonna take a wild guess and say you haven't had a spring break in a really long time. Are we right? It's cool. That stuff is meant to stay in your past. But the organizers behind Grovetoberfest say different. Sprung! Spring Beer Festival kicks off this Saturday, offering you the opportunity to sample more than 150 spring and summer craft beers. Breweries such as Sierra Nevada, Brooklyn Brewery, Kona, Magic Hat, Shiner, Shipyard, Harpoon, Blue Moon, and many others will offer their spring and summer crafts. There will be a complete lineup of Florida breweries in addition to the nationals. Once you've had your taste of six of each brew, play giant Jenga, human bowling (yes, human bowling), Mega Twister, cornhole, or beer pong (kick it old school!). The weather will be perfect, and the beer will be flowing.

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