Miami's Top Ten Chefs

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Ben Fink
Michael Schwartz, James Beard Award-winning chef.
2. Michael Schwartz
Michael Schwartz is a James Beard Award-winning chef who owns the Genuine Hospitality Group -- a bundle of restaurants that includes Michael's Genuine Food & Drink (Miami and Grand Cayman), Harry's Pizzeria, and the upcoming Cypress Room. Although there are other local restaurant groups that rival Genuine in size, none is spearheaded by a chef. This proves that Schwartz is more than just a talented cook. He's also a savvy businessman who has developed a family of Miami's top restaurants. The combination catapults Schwartz to nearly the head of the list.

kevin cory naoe miami.jpg
Kevin Cory knows sushi better than any other chef in town.
1. Kevin Cory
Naoe is the type of restaurant that every dining scene needs. It isn't large: The setting has only eight seats available per service; there are only two seatings per evening. It isn't located in a high-traffic spot: Naoe is nestled in residential Brickell Key. The Japanese restaurant functions omakase-style, which means meals are chef's choice. But Cory's choices are always delectable. The soft-spoken toque serves the most pristine seafood in town. That's why Naoe recently earned five stars from Forbes Travel Guide. It's also why he tops our list.

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Best Pastry Chef in Miami - Anabella Pru


Best Dessert Chef in Miami by far... Pastry Chef Anabella Pru

Her desserts are to die for and she has designed and produce some of the most beautiful wedding cakes for many celebrity clients. 

You can see her amazing portfolio on


A Menu developed with vegetables, aromatic herbs, spicy flavors .... That looks delicious, I love exotic food!

<a href=""> Aries Blinds Miami</a>


I think I have to try to see if what you publish the article corresponds with such controversial comments. Anyway the controversy always generates ad!


I started thinking some more about this and well, there are some other names that really should have made it.  Giorgio Rapicavoli, whoever the person that cooks at Pubbelly, the guy from Sugar Cane.....  I think I can go on.  The one thing the list did get 100 % right is Kevin Cory.  Hands down.


Danny Serfer, from Blue Collar should have made the list in lieu of 2-3 of the names on here.


@Manny None of these places are anywhere I would spend money for overpriced food that my mom makes better than any of them. At the end of the day here, pasta specialists & ramen experts ? That's boiling water and setting a timer kind of stuff ? The rest of it is sauce that covers everything else ? In that case there might be a few food trucks that serve a comparable meal that satisfies for taste & appetite.

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