Swine Southern Table & Bar Opens: We Get a First Bite (Photos)

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All photos by Laine Doss
Creative use of PBR as display at Swine.
Swine Southern Table & Bar, the "kid brother" of popular eatery Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, is open to the public after a weekend filled with parties and friends-and-family dinners.

New Times was invited to one of the dress rehearsals at the brand-new Coral Gables restaurant, which was filled with food writers, industry insiders, and people who wanted to get a first taste of Swine's pork-centric menu of Southern cuisine.

Though the name indicates the copious amounts of bacon and pork found in the dishes (this restaurant is clearly not kosher), vegetarians and pescetarians will be able to find some good vittles. (Hint: Some items, such as the mac 'n' cheese, can be ordered without bacon, so ask your server.)

Friends-and-family night was meant as a training tool for the staff, and the evening went smoothly. In fact, sometimes the staff was too eager to please -- water glasses were refreshed many times, and dishes were cleared almost too quickly (we wanted to savor that last piece of cauliflower).

Coral Gables residents will surely welcome Swine to the neighborhood, while all over Miami, pigs tremble in fear.

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swine peasandcarrots.jpg
"Peas 'n' carrots," glazed baby heirloom carrots, sweet buttered peas, fresh herbs, and Florida citrus ($10).

swine cauliflowertwo.jpg
Wood-grilled cauliflower was the surprise hit of the evening. Served with Virginia peanuts, roasted tomato, and green onion purée ($8).

swine macandcheese.jpg
Mac 'n' cheese with "pig tail" macaroni, five cheeses, bacon, and a crisp herb crust ($9).

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Swine Southern Table & Bar

2415 Ponce De Leon Blvd., Coral Gables, FL

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Brian Jenkins
Brian Jenkins

since when does southern equal a 26$ plate of shrimp and grits?

Larry Boudon
Larry Boudon

Is this in the old "Les Halles" location?


The place is called Swine, but I don't see any pork?

Brad Beaty
Brad Beaty

Great this place opens 5 days after I move out of Miami! At least I don't have to deal with giant mosquitos stabbing me though.


Sorry, but the appeal of Southern food is not good enough to pay $20 a plate for it.


@Masticator That's $ 26 before taxes and tip. Looks like $ 20 a plate is getting out of there cheap ? I can't imagine I would ever order Mac & Cheese at a restaurant ?

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