Taco Bell's Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos Available Starting Tomorrow

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Beginning tomorrow, fast-food fanatics can get their hands on the hotly anticipated Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos, courtesy of Taco Bell. Just ask and ye shall receive.

In response to apparently insane demand, the company announced via its Facebook page that it's rolling out the new treats a day earlier than planned for squeaky wheels in need of grease.

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The union of Doritos and Taco Bell was a match made in marketing heaven: two of the world's junk-food favorites, paired to create one cheesy, meaty fast-food invention that left 3 a.m. drive-thru lines longer than ever.

The original incarnation of Doritos Locos Tacos (DLTs) was a nacho cheese-flavored shell stuffed with a standard Taco Supreme. And after the product's jaw-dropping success last year, the company announced it would follow up with a Cool Ranch shell.

The DLTs have been the company's most successful product to date -- not to mention one of the biggest boons in fast-food history. The Nacho Cheese variety sold more than 350 million in less than a year.

Though the official release date for the new item is March 7, the company has responded to thousands of rabid requests and agreed to let the world get the new grub a day early. So roll up to your favorite neighborhood drive-thru and ask away. There's even a hashtag so you can share your rave reviews: #CoolRanchDLT.

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Alex Anico
Alex Anico

the new Taco Bell that opened up on 49th street hialeah looks pretty high class...i think i might actually go there just to sit by the fireplace and read Dickens..

Michele B.
Michele B.

Not until they stop using horse meat.

Aleric Constantin
Aleric Constantin

Pffft. I just made my own. Saved my self the time and stomach ache. =P

Dana Moore
Dana Moore

I don't eat anything from Taco Hell.

Arlo Rappaport
Arlo Rappaport

I hope taco bell paid you to write that article-advertisement. Nothing redeeming in it.

Seán Schauseil
Seán Schauseil

and the pot dealer's phones are blowin' up!!! (ringing off the hook for you 40+ guys)

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