Ten Best Late-Night Restaurants Post-Ultra

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As Miami gears up for its biggest weekend of the year, so do the businesses that will be affected by it. After a battle with the city, Ultra Music Festival begins today in a two-weekend extravaganza that will bring more revenue to Miami than LIV sees the entire year. That's a big deal, considering the Miami Beach club recently ranked number four on Nightclub and Bar Media's Group's "Nightclub & Bar Top 100."

This year the festival is more organic than ever, with free water stations and Wi-Fi. But festival food sucks. Chances are you probably won't want to eat whatever warmed-over eats are offered at the fest. And why would you?

The Carl Cox & Friends tent, first-time Ultra acts such as Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Disclosure, and live stage acts Snoop Lion, Azealia Banks, and the Weeknd have a much better chance of causing you to salivate than one of a thousand overgrilled turkey legs. Rest assured, though, that once the festival is over and the adrenaline from that last song wears off, two things will happen: First you'll realize you've just been part of history, and then your stomach will growl like never before. So remember to stay hydrated, dance on, and if you skip meals, eat late-night at one of the following places.

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10. El Cartel
This tasty Colombian restaurant located in downtown is normally open till 10 p.m. But during Ultra weekend, a flock of thousands of hungry candy ravers will decide to keep the place open till "whatever time," the proprietors say. The place will stay open until 3 a.m or later each night of the festivities. All the Colombian late-night classics (hot dogs, hamburgers, carne asada) are good and obvious choices. But we say in celebration of the late-night Cartel occasion, go for the double burger ($8.99). A Colombian beer special will also be available. Three Aguilas for $8.99.

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9. Arepazo 2
With Hugo Chávez's death last week and now Ultra, Arepazo 2 in Brickell is in for a real celebration. Owners have decided to cash in on all the spring breakers, tourists, and hungry locals by offering daily specials from 3 p.m. to 3 a.m. They include a Caracas burger for $3.99 with Angus beef, avocado, ham, string fries, and a fried egg -- as well as not one but two jumbo hot dogs for $3.99. Bottled Miller Lite, Bud Light, and Budweiser will be on special for a dollar. Who ever said a buck can't go a long way? Clearly not Venezuelans. Although we wish Polar were a buck, we'll take the American beer with an arepa, also on special for $3.99 within the allotted time frame. Arepazo 2 will stay open till 6 a.m.

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Juan G. Ruiz
Juan G. Ruiz

Note to self: Don't go to Gigi's this weekend.


gigi? forreal? sheesh. not a single shoutout to a real downtown business, like Manolo and Rene's 24 hour Cuban Cafe, which happens to be right across the street from Ultra, in between Vizcayne and 50 Biscayne. they do an incredible cheeseburger.

Edward Delatorre
Edward Delatorre

theyll be so high on drugs they aint going to be eating.

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