Tequila on the Farm: The Forge's Dewey LoSasso Makes Dinner in Paradise

All photos by Laine Doss
Welcome to Paradise Farms.
The sun was setting and there was a chill in the air as we walked through the gates of Paradise Farms in Homestead. A sign reading "Welcome. Please No Meat or Cigarettes" greeted us as we meandered through a fragrant path filled with the sounds of birds, bees, and crickets.

Paradise Farms is well named. The small organic farm was purchased by Gabriele Marewski in 1999. Since then, Miami's finest restaurateurs purchase Marewski's edible flowers, greens, fruits, and vegetables and the farm hosts the popular Dinner in Paradise series.

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Last evening, the farm hosted Milagro Tequila's brand ambassador Jaime Salas and The Forge's executive chef Dewey LoSasso for an evening of farm-to-table dining and drinking.

Guests were greeted with fresh carambola juice cocktails and a tour of the farm, where Marewski pointed out the various edible flowers grown on property and bees drinking water at a fountain before turning in for the night.

We were then led to the open dining area, illuminated by fairy lights, for our four-course pairing meal.

Chef LoSasso explained that he created the dishes using produce from Paradise Farms and other local sources. "I would say that the ingredients were harvested from around 10 miles ... but it's actually more like 10 feet!" Milagro's brand ambassador, Jaime Salas, was equally inspired, using local honey, fruit, and herbs in his cocktail tutorial (guests were charged with making their own Margaritas under the careful tutelage of Salas).

Milagro Tequila's Jaime Salas and Paradise Farm's Gabriele Marewski greet guests.

Edible flowers are beautiful and delicious.

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Paradise Farms

19801 SW 320th St., Homestead, FL

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