What to Put in an Adult Easter Basket

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While the excitement of an early morning Easter basket hunt is generally considered kid's domain, Easter Sunday is actually much more momentous for adults. After all, it marks the end of 40 painful days and nights of Lenten sacrifice.

And hell, even if you leave all the religious jazz out of the equation, who wouldn't want a swag-stuffed Easter basket awaiting them on Sunday morning? So, for the adults in your life, here's what you can stuff into a plastic carryall in place of Cadbury eggs, stuffed bunnies and neon grass.

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Via thinkgeek.com

10. Zombie bunny lollipops
Everything's cooler as a zombie, Easter bunnies included. Give these delightfully creepy undead bunnies to the zombie lover in your life. They'll serve as a lovely reminder that even when the zombie apocalypse comes, you'll still have a piece of her heart. Literally.


9. Tuborg Easter Brew
In Denmark, springtime means the famous Kylle, Kylle Easter brew. For any beer lover, this warm, full bodied pilsner will pair quite nicely with Easter breakfast. Gotta break Lent sometime, right?

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