Andrew Koussevitzky Chronicles World Tour Eats on the Hungry Drummer

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Courtesy of the Hungry Drummer
You'd think the life of a rock star would be all bottle-popping and pretty girls. This might be the case for some, but not for the likes of Stellar Revival's drummer, Andrew Koussevitzky.

The Miami-based music man lives a simple life in a Brickell high-rise with bills, high gas prices, and bad restaurant experiences like the rest of us.

But what piqued our interest about the man is his blog, the Hungry Drummer, which chronicles his touring life through the food he eats around the world.

Blogging about everything from Nutella pastries in Italy to Southern-style fare in Kentucky, he's perfected the art of globetrotting with a fork in hand.

Koussevitzky has lived his whole life in South Florida, with the exception of a few college years out of state. A jack of many trades, Koussevitzky is not only a professional drummer for a local band-gone-big, and not only an aspiring Anthony Bourdain, but also a lawyer. Having grown up with parents in the restaurant industry, he's always reveled in the curiosity for new or undiscovered places.

A quick browse through the Hungry Drummer reveals that, like all aspiring successful food bloggers, he brings his appetite and iPhone wherever he goes. "Traveling, eating, and drumming are big for me," the steely-eyed musician says as he sips a latte one afternoon. Where his band's tour bus takes him, he'll eat.

Most recently on the blog, he retold the story of a tour stop in Chicago where he visited Hot Dougs with his family. "The sausages here are aggressive, creative, and clever," the post says of the local sausage-centric restaurant that serves elk and rattlesnake.

It takes no stretch of the imagination to see that Koussevitzky has a way with words when it comes to describing food. That, paired with good grammar and quick wit, makes for fantastic reads that make you hungry just as much as they make you thankful that he proofreads his content. Koussevitzky, of couse, does it all out of habit -- he's not a professional writer on top of everything else.

While we at Short Order have weekly editorial meetings to discuss our plans of attack for local food coverage, lists, and news, the Hungry Drummer follows a similar game plan, but without all the "professional" formalities.

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