Dream South Beach Owner, Vikram Chatwal, Arrested For Drug Possession

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Dream South Beach hotelier Vikram Chatwal arrested.
Hotelier Vikram Chatwal was arrested and charged with eight counts of possession of various substances, including cocaine and marijuana, earlier this week at a checkpoint at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Chatwal was flagged by behavior detection officers and was searched on April 2. According to The Vikram Chatwal Hotels website, the hotelier owns interests in several luxury hotels including the Dream South Beach, the Dream New York, and the Time.

According to the New York Daily News, airport security found over a dozen loose white pills in a carry-on and a packet of cocaine in his jacket.

Broward Sheriff's Office then arrested Chatwal and later found a baggie in the hotelier's crotch containing six grams of heroin, a half gram of ketamine, and over three ounces of marijuana.

According to Broward County records, Chatwal was charged with several possession counts and one drug trafficking count including:

893.13-6b, Possession Cannabis 20 grams less/ Synth Cann 3 grams less
893.13-6a, Possession controlled substance without prescription
893.13-6a, Possession of Buprenorphine
893.13-6a, Possession of Clonazepam
893.13-6a, Possession of Cocaine
893.13-6a, Possession of Lorazepam
893.135-1c1a, Trafficking Sched 1B/2A/3C3-C4 Drug 4 GMS Less 14 GMS

Chatwal could face a minimum of three years jail time if he is convicted of the first-degree felony drug trafficking charge alone. A hearing date has not been set.

Chatwal, by the way, is a good friend of Lindsay Lohan and rumors have circulated that he was dating Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi -- although she denies being romantically linked to the hotelier.

Tudor House restaurant was located inside the Dream South Beach Hotel, before being replaced by Serafina. Highbar rooftop pool lounge is also located at the Dream.

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internetinternet topcommenter

Check 1111 Collins.   Rooftop nightclub/ lounges are problematic for noise.  City is a complete fraud with its fake zoning and enforcement. 


Get your facts straight and learn to edit. He DOES NOT own the iconic Plaza hotel. At several places in the article, his name is spelled as CHATWAN instead of CHATWAL.


@jaga he actually does own the plaza, he recently acquired it.

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