Free Grilled Cheese Cooking Class With Allen Susser Tonight at Whole Foods Coral Gables

Make gourmet grilled cheese with a little help from a James Beard winner.
National grilled cheese month continues along its cheesy path tonight with a free cooking class tonight at Whole Foods Market in Coral Gables.

Oh, and the class is taught by a James Beard winner. So, who's this top chef and what's he doing making a humble grilled cheese sandwich, anyway?

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Chef Allen Susser, who just opened the Daily Melt in Midtown, is hosting the event tonight at 7 p.m. The personable chef believes that anything worth eating should be made well -- including a melted cheese sandwich.

At the class, you'll learn how to take a classic grilled cheese and elevate it into a meal. After all, did you think Susser would take a fistful of processed American and shove it between two slices of packaged white and call it a day?

Nope! Instead, Chef Allen will take the classic melty sammie uptown, demonstrating his prowess by preparing white truffle butter grilled cheese sandwiches and Maine lobster mac 'n' cheese. To fulfill your daily nutritional requirements, Chef Allen will also make a salad of watermelon radish, arugula, heirloom tomatoes, and goat cheese; and a rustic-style apple, honey, and brie salad.

Best of all? You get to sample the goods after the demo. Not a bad way to continue the cheesy month of April.

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Whole Foods Market

6701 Red Road, South Miami, FL

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mjorizondo topcommenter

Great! I'll drop off my eight and nine year old kids. They have almost mastered the grilled cheese sandwich, but not quite.

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