Serafina at Dream South Beach: Where Kim Kardashian Goes to Brunch

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Serafina mussels.jpg
Photo by Ily Goyanes
Mussels al Prosecco

If Kim Kardashian enjoys eating at Serafina at the Dream South Beach Hotel, who are we to argue?

We went for brunch yesterday and were pleased. The service was fantastic, as was the ambiance and the live entertainment.

We tried an omelet ($10 to $19), eggs Benedict ($12 to $14), a Serafina hamburger ($18.75 to $19.75), tartare di sofia ($16), mussels al prosecco ($14.50), and mango chicken salad ($15.50). Overall, the food ranged from average to good, particularly the eggs Benedict and the mango chicken salad.

Serafina Omelette.jpg
Photo by Ily Goyanes
Serafino Couple.jpg
Photo by Ily Goyanes

Our server Jay and the food-and-beverage manager, Ty Raudman, informed us that Kim Kardashian often eats at Serafina when she's in town. During her last visit in January, she told the paparazzi that it was one of her "favorite restaurants" and that she also eats regularly at the location in New York. Maybe her pregnancy cravings call for Serafina.

So what does KiKa eat here? In January, she ordered bruschetta, the Serafina chicken salad, and an iced tea with Splenda. Though Serafina isn't our favorite restaurant, it is on the corner of Tenth Street and Collins Avenue, a perfect spot to enjoy a lazy Saturday or Sunday morning, especially with a $25 bottomless bellini made with fresh peach purée.

Serafina Trio Girls.jpg
Photo by Ily Goyanes
Serafina Chicken and Mango Salad.jpg
Photo by Ily Goyanes
Mango Chicken Salad

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1111 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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Mmmmmmm, Eggs Benedict ! The Omelet and potatoes looks overrated.

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