Miami, You've Been Punked!

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CatChow...we smell something fishy...
If you've been noticing some weirder-than-usual news coming at you today, better double check the calendar!

That's right, bitches -- it's April Fools' Day and there were plenty of websites and companies that punked us, but good. We especially liked Twitter wanting to charge for vowels and Google's new smell-technology. Kudos to Sprint for their new ultra-high-tech specs, too!

But, of course, our favorites are food-related and many local blogs got in on the action. Here are our favorites:

Burger Beast /a> went meatless with his new Vegan Vulture site.

Miami Power Rankings
Miami Power Rankings bumped Naoe and added some new favorites like Bahama Breeze, Chicken Kitchen, and Hooters. Our only question: With all the cheesy restaurants in Miami, why add Fin and Q -- two restaurants that have been closed for ages -- to the list?

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