Miami Eats at Miami Science Museum: Nutrition Can Be Fun (Photos)

All photos by Laine Doss
Eating House's Giorgio Rapicavoli plays with his chemistry set.
The Miami Science Museum in Coconut Grove turned its focus on food this past weekend as kids and grownups alike got an education in healthful eating and just what it takes to get the food we eat onto our table.

Interactive displays were scattered throughout the museum as visitors touched, tasted, and tested their brains to find out how much iron is really in cereal, discovered that everything (including strawberries) has its own unique DNA, and learned that bees have specific tasks assigned to them in the making of honey.

Of course, you can't just talk about food without sharing, so delicious bites were to be found, including nitro ice cream, tea and biscuits, and samples of healthful meals from Eat Well Foods. What did Short Order learn at Miami Eats? That even we didn't realize how much sugar is in our soft drinks and that everyone is fascinated by liquid nitrogen.

Part tea ceremony, part performance art.
Susan Lee Chun reinvents a traditional tea ceremony as performance art.

Local produce is fresh and bright.
Teena's Pride offers samples of its local produce.

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Miami Science Museum

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