Sandwich Qbano In SoBe: Great Garlic, Batman

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Sandwiches seem enormous, but its just so much bread.
Sandwich Qbano on First Street and Washington Avenue, is one of many. The Colombian chain serves casual fast food, namely sandwiches. Think of it as a Colombian deli.

Then why is it called Sandwich Qbano, instead of oh, we don't know, Sandwich Paisa maybe? Hell, if we know, but the place seems to be gaining the approval of locals.

Upon a friend's recommendation, we stopped by for a late dinner recently and tried the 14-inch teriyaki chicken sandwich combo, which includes fries and a soft drink. The combo set us back about $13.

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Photo by Ily Goyanes
We're not sure what this is: a tamale, an ear of corn, a nerf shark?
While contemplating the menu, we asked if the chicken was cooked on site or came cooked and frozen. The server blinked and stared. And blinked some more. We rephrased the questions three different ways. Just as the buzzer was about to go off, she informed us that it was 'cooked here. Not when you order, you know, but the chicken is cooked here."

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Photo by Ily Goyanes
After waiting what seemed an eternity, we were finally buzzed that our order was ready. The sandwich was enormous, but basically just a giant loaf of bread with hardly any filling. It tasted pretty decent, and also pretty bland, since the teriyaki chicken was completely devoid of anything resembling teriyaki.

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Slim pickings.
Fries were okay, but boy, that garlic sauce! They could serve just the sauce and we'd come back. We tried it with our fries, on our sandwich, and alone -- divine.

According to Juan A. on Yelp, "The garlic sauce they serve with every sandwich is a secret recipe that they won't reveal."

We totes understand why. We would also guard such a recipe with our lives. If only the rest of the food tasted half as good as the sauce, Sandwich Qbano probably wouldn't have been empty on a Saturday night.

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