Stanzione 87 Opens in Brickell: We Get a First Bite (Photos)

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Photos by Carla Torres
San Daniele: fresh mozzarella, real San Daniele prosciutto, arugula, Parmesan, olive oil $15.
Vide Napole e'po umore translates to "See Naples and then die." At Stanzione 87, this is the language. If you've been to Naples and had true Neapolitan pizza, you can die happy. Or at least owner Franco Stanzione believes so. The good news for locals is we don't have to go all the way to Naples to eat Neapolitan pizza, although wouldn't it be nice?

Stanzione 87 opened Saturday as Miami's first truly "authentic" Neapolitan pizza shop. That label means Franco has been certified by the Italian government and must adhere to guidelines set by the Neapolitan pizza gods. We got to attend a friends-and-family gathering to help the restaurant smooth out the kinks before opening and comment on the genuine pies.

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Beet salad: frisée, orange, ricotta, lemon vinaigrette ($10).
A small eatery, Stanzione 87 seats about 40 people. Marble tabletops act as the perfect counter for pizza pies, which are the focus of the menu. There are also a few crostini, a nice selection of salads, and a dessert as big as the moon. From the pizza bar, patrons can watch coffee being made while pizzas are slid in and out of the blue brick oven. The pizza-makers put on a show as they work behind a glass wall, forming and throwing dough in the air.

Next to the quote that Franco lives by, which is written in blue-lit lettering on the back wall, is a chalkboard wall that depicts the number 87 and, around it, the menu. Servers and bussers dash around, acclimating themselves to the space, the food, and the customers. Those customers are here for Franco and Ashley -- and the food.

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Limone pizza: fresh mozzarella, sliced lemon, arugula, pecorino, olive oil ($12).
A charming and ambitious pair, Franco and Ashley flit from table to table, suggesting the special limone pizza and demanding that the Margherita be tried at least once. We follow orders because we've been invited, and when invited to an Italian home, you do not question -- you simply eat. And also because we trust them to guide us in the right direction.

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Stanzione 87

87 SW 8th St., Miami, FL

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This may be the first VPN-certified restaurant in the city of Miami, but it is not the first one in Miami-Dade County.  Forno 52 in Palmetto Bay was the first.  The pizza was very, very good, but evidently not to the taste of the locals.  It went out of business.

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