STK Closes: Scheduled to Reopen in Fall 2013

STK Miami is closing for the summer.
STK, the steak house that felt like a lounge, closed its doors after dinner service this past Saturday, April 27.

STK was one of the last restaurants to operate out of the Perry South Beach Hotel, which itself closed April 15 in anticipation of a $100 million transformation into the eco-friendly 1 Hotel.

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In February, Devon Mosley, head of marketing and communications for the One Group, the parent company of STK Miami, said the restaurant planned to remain open during the renovations and confirmed that "STK will stay on the Beach.""

We again spoke with Mosley, who said there was an expectation that the restaurant would need to close for some time. "Anyone driving by today can see that there's really no easy access anymore with the construction. We didn't want to remain open and have the safety or convenience of our guests in jeopardy."

STK will reopen at the new hotel space (only this time at the south end of the property). Though there might be some menu additions planned, the STK concept will remain the same.

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STK Miami

2377 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

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