Acropolis Greek Taverna to Host Grand OPA-ning Party: Free Food and Drink

All photos by Laine Doss
Dancing waitstaff and plate breaking in the Grove.
Walk into Acropolis Greek Taverna and you might swear you've just become an extra in the comedy favorite "My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

The small Tampa-based restaurant chain, which has locations in New Tampa; Ybor City; Riverview; and St. Petersburg, has just opened in Coconut Grove, serving a dose of authentic Greek cuisine (with some very non-authentic choices thrown into the mix), complete with dancing wait staff, bouzouki player, and plate breaking.

Napkins do dual duty as confetti at Acropolis.
In fact, it's kind of difficult to walk into the restaurant and not expect Andrea Martin as Aunt Voula invite you to drink ouzo and eat some lamb Since you don't eat meat, of course). There's a definite party vibe, all led by general manager Deano Kastis, who breaks into spontaneous dance a few times during the evening. Kastis, who moved to Coconut Grove from Tampa to oversee the new location, greets most patrons at the door, is quick to recommend a good Lebanese beer, and breaks a few plates (which looks like an extremely effective form of stress relief). It's all in a night's work.

Platter of Greek spreads.
Appetizers include a "platter" containing hummus, baba ghanouj, tirosalata feta spread), taramosalata (fish roe spread) and dolmades, served warm with pita bread ($14); marides (lightly breaded and pan-fried smelts), served with lemon and tomato sauce ($10); and spanakopita served with tzatziki ($10).

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Acropolis Greek Taverna - CLOSED

3484 Main Highway, Miami, FL

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