Memorial Day Burgers: Hard Rock Executive Chef Gideon Horowitz Gets Back to Basics

Courtesy of Hard Rock Cafe
Miami Hard Rock Cafe executive chef and Magic City native Gideon Horowitz gets back to burger basics this Memorial Day.
Memorial Day is fast approaching, so what does this mean for food? Burgers. Lots and lots of thick and juicy burgers. And grilling them over an open flame, turning raw slabs of bovine muscle protein into delectable, denaturized eats.

It's all about the meat, the bun, and the grill. Everything else is lagniappe. Gideon Horowitz, executive chef at the Hard Rock Cafe in Miami, is here to offer some no-bullshit tips on building the best burger.

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Born and raised in Miami, Horowitz started his career in the restaurant industry at Giorgio's Bakery in Hollywood Beach 15 years ago at age 17. He moved to New York City one year later, where he achieved managerial success at the now-closed Jekyll and Hyde Club Restaurant and Bar on 57th and Sixth in Manhattan. The kitchen there was known for churning out steaks and burgers.

Then in 2003, Horowitz appeared in a starring role as a waiter on CNBC reality show The Restaurant, with celebrity chef Rocco Dispirito. He signed onto the Hard Rock team in 2010 and eventually ascended to executive chef status.

Horowitz is a marathon runner, biker and swimmer to combat the physical demand of restaurant life and the weight gain from sampling the food to ensure that it is just right.

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