Boozeware: From Wine Lock to Booze Belly to Personal Breathalyzer

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Homegirl getting her booze on.
Hungover? Haven't you ever heard the best cure is a shot of what got you drunk in the first place? That used to be the only solution for those who love booze. But now there is so much more that every lover of alcohol ought to have for yesterday, today, tomorrow, and all year round. We'll call it Boozeware.

5. Stainless Steel Ice Cubes
How annoying is it when your drink gets watered down? It doesn't taste the same and unless you're a coaster freak, it leaves watermarks on your table, bar, or counter. Eliminate that with these re-freezable stainless steels ice cubes that look like they belong in Mad Men. Don Draper would certainly use these to avoid diluting his neat whiskey. An essential for the avid booze drinker. Frozen water is out, stainless steel is in. And don't worry, they're made with non-toxic gel.

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