Cipriani Downtown Miami Opens Friday: We Get a First Look (Photos)

All photos by Laine Doss
Cipriani Downtown Miami: Dining with a view.
Miami is about to get a dose of classic style when Cipriani Downtown Miami opens tomorrow, Friday, May 10.

The bar features portholes with simulated ocean views.
The restaurant, located in Icon Brickell Miami, is a stunner. Decorated by Florentine architect Michele Bonan, it has a nautical theme, complete with portholes at the bar and windows that seem to bring the river into the dining room.

Peeking at the library from the dining room.
There's also a glamour that many Miami restaurants, as stylish as they may be, lack. Enter and be transported wherever your fantasies will take you. Some will see a fabulous yacht circa Jay Gatsby; some will see Don Draper seducing a lover or a client; some will see Hemingway hobnobbing with Lauren Bacall.

While the restaurant is not yet open, waiters in crisp white jackets attended to the few guests, mostly friends of the Cipriani family, eager to refill a glass, answer a question, possibly suggest a Bellini.

Though founder Guiseppe Cipriani has since passed, three younger generations of Ciprianis are still very much hands-on owner/operators. The restaurants are famous for attracting writers, actors, models, royalty, and captains of industry as well as regular people. They are also famous for being the birthplace of both the Bellini and carpaccio, both created by Guiseppe Cipriani.

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Cipriani Downtown Miami

465 Brickell Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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does anybody know where to get one of those portholes with simulated ocean views

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