Dena Marino's Mercato Disappoints

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Emily Codik
Chopped veggie salad at Mercato ($9).
The employee at Dena Marino's Mercato was busy. He played on his iPhone, filled out his W-4 form, and stared diligently into open space. He did not want to be interrupted. So I left the Design District breakfast and lunch spot with a few unanswered questions.

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Could you refill the napkin-holder next time? It was empty. Would you apologize to those customers? You know, the infuriated couple who paid for a red velvet cupcake that you completely forgot to pack? (Even though it was one of the two things they had ordered.) When they returned to the quiet café and demanded their cupcake, their irritated jabbering really put a damper on my meal.

Emily Codik
Cubano sandwich ($12)
Is food always packed automatically in to-go cartons? No one told me this was a takeaway café. When a refined restaurant, owned by the same folks, is located in the same space, why was my $35 lunch served in flimsy cartons and pesky plastics?

Sure, the Cubano sandwich ($12) -- stuffed with shaved porchetta, thin slices of prosciutto cotto, gooey Swiss cheese, sliced Brooklyn Brine pickles, and Dijon dressing ($12) -- was delectable. Smothered in a delicate orange-basil dressing, the chopped veggie salad had the potential to be one of my go-to lunches. Sprinkled with chickpeas, zucchini, celery, carrots, and red peppers, the salad felt like a steal with its $9 price tag.

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4141 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

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Horrible service at both places if you ask me...Shame =/


Whatever. I've held plenty of jobs at which I didn't get paid crap. Still, I was nice. No excuses.

mjorizondo topcommenter 1 Like

Gosh! This all sounds so ugly.  Perhaps the guy behind the counter was simply sick and tired of twits/twats who spend more time photographing their food with cellphones than actually eating it.

grovejorge 1 Like

Some people should not be allowed to publicly comment about service since they are clearly picky douche bags.  they should especially not be given an elevated status of critic.  get real lady.  the guy who you are complaining about probably gets paid 4.50/hour.  i would LOVE to see what your attitude would be like under those circumstances, since you clearly have an awful attitude already with your comparatively cushy pseudo journalistic gig.  i hope you got a kick out of getting that minimum wage worker fired.

al3xBH 1 Like

As a regular customer of Mercato; I would have to Disagree with you completely. One of the main reason for my repeat visits are for their friendly service , atmosphere & food.

I would definatley ask you to re-visit the cafe! am always recommending this spot for anyone in the Design District or passing by looking for a bite to eat with not a lot of time.

The food is delicious & light! I definatley recommend Mercato!

john 1 Like

ouch! who puts canned chick peas in a fresh salad? 

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