Gold & Pepper Opens in SoBe: Covers Every Dish in 23-Karat Gold

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All photos by Arlyene Marie Ponce
Gold & Pepper has opened on the corner of 1st and Washington in South Beach. The cozy, 37-seat eatery is touting wholesome, fresh, Italian fare with a twist: everything is covered in 23 karat gold. When we say everything, we mean ever-y-thing: shavings of gold floated in our Prosecco, sheets of gold topped our ravioli, gold dust enveloped every dish.

While most restaurants let their food shine, Gold & Pepper is taking it to the next level. The gilded dishes shine when presented, but one bite reveals the flavors fall flat.

Their version of eggplant parmesan with cuore di bue tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and basil pesto looked stunning but lacked flavor. The pesto tasted primarily of oil and the texture of the dish was simply soft.

Location Info

Gold and Pepper Italian Cuisine - CLOSED

101 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

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