Love is Blind Food & Wine Opens in Coral Gables

John Lennon famously sang that love is all you need -- but it's so much better when food and wine are part of the package. Coral Gables newest eatery, Love Is Blind Food & Wine, will be offering up all three.

The new spot is the latest endeavor by the owners of Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita and Crazy About You -- and they're serving up steak, seafood and vino at affordable prices.

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Courtesy of Love Is Blind
The third Miami restaurant by Carlos Galan and JC Chamizo, the concept behind the new spot is fine dining, affordable prices and love, love, love. Entrees run $17.99, $20.99 or $24.99, and include an appetizer of choice.

The menu includes items like Asian vegetable spring rolls, Serrano ham croquettes (just like those at Dolores), a trio of mozzarella, goat and ricotta calzones and a charcuterie plate.

Entrees include braised steak brasatto ($20.99), brick oven chicken galleto ($17.99), "Love Is Blind" strawberry risotto ($24.99) and salmon a la sal (sea salted crusted salmon, $24.99).

Courtesy of Love Is Blind
The new digs reportedly have a high-end lounge vibe, and there are two bar options on site. House wine runs $4 a glass or a (cheap!) $14 a bottle -- and they've got signature cocktails, too.

As far as decor - thing warm and candlelit with love quotes all around.

Love Is Blind is now open for lunch and dinner at 225 Altara Ave in Coral Gables. Hours are as follows: opening Monday through Friday at 11:30 a.m. and Saturday and Sunday 12 p.m.; closing Sunday through Wednesday at 11 p.m., Thursday at midnight, Friday & Saturday at 1 a.m.Check out more details on their website.

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Love Is Blind Food & Wine

225 Altara Ave., Miami, FL

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I've always been a huge fan of their restaurants so I figured why not give this one a shot? I usually go to either at least once a month. Well first off it is pointless to make a reservation, as they cannot follow simple directions. We order our food and like all the other ones it was good. My thing is your food can be good but if your service isn't good, why would I want to come back? Our wine got hot because we didn't have a wine cooler. Every time I've been to Dolores or Crazy about you they are always on top of you making sure you have everything you need, if you don't have wine in your glass they will pour it, they make sure you have water, here... not like that. Finally they manager brings us the bill (this is something they do here so they can ask how everything was) we tell him our concerns and what we thought.... did nothing about it. Just simply stated that IF we came back (which we will not be doing) to speak to him. Your service affects my decision to come back. IF I make a request on something I want done you should be able to provide it.   My honest opinion would be to stick to the other restaurants. Dolores will never fail you plus the food and service is amazing.

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