March Against Monsanto Miami: Over 1,300 Protestors, Senator Maria Lorts Sachs Spoke (Photos)

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Kyle Childrey
As part of the global March Against Monsanto, South Floridians came out in droves to rally support for mandatory labeling Saturday.

Across the world, more than 2 million protesters attended rallies in more than 400 cities, across 52 countries--a much larger turnout than initially expected.

In Miami more than 1,300 protesters showed up to the Omni/ Adrienne Arsht Metro station to march. State Senator Maria Sachs came out to speak.

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In the US most corn and soybean crops are genetically modified. Those two ingredients are included in a large portion of the countries' processed foods, which is responsible for the majority of most individual's diets.

Sara Ventiera

After California's Proposition 37, a bill which would have required mandatory labeling of much genetically modified material in foods, failed last November activists, began making bigger pushes on other state ballots.

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Omni Transit Station

1455 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

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Christopher Gott
Christopher Gott

Yeah, let's ban GMOs .... One third of the world doesn't need to be fed anyway


@Aaron Matthews Senator Sachs represents parts of east Broward and Palm Beach counties. Her District Office is in Delray Beach.

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