Miami's Five Best Eats and Drinks this Weekend

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This weekend, everyone's favorite junior high read The Great Gatsby will be opening up for the second time in theaters. Naturally, Miami thought it was only appropriate to curate a few cocktail- and Roaring Twenties-themed parties and affairs at a few of our local establishments.

Ladies, throw on your finest flapper dress and non-skanky heels. Gentlemen, put on a tailored suit and make yourself look like a Dapper Dan Man.

And make room for martinis.

Mint Juleps at Serendipity 3
Assuming you're a fan of all of Leonardo DiCaprio's cinematic portrayals, you'll more than likely find yourself heading to the theater for a weekend showing of The Great Gatsby. At Regal Cinema 18 Lincoln Road, movie tickets cost about $15. That hurts when you're just going to see a movie, but this weekend, consider the 15 bucks to go half towards your cinematic adventure, and half towards a mint julep over at Serendipity 3. Or you can think of it as your bourbony-goodness fun pass -- whichever you prefer. From Friday to Sunday, take your Great Gatsby ticket stub to Serendipity 3, and receive a Backyard Bourbon mint julep. All you need is the stub and a liking for free booze. Ummm, done and done.

La Latina via Instagram
Exposition de Empanadas
Feeling a little guilty for gorging on good eats this week? No worries. We're with you. Yesterday we had a Bulgogi Burger from Sakaya (after avoiding it for 7 months) and today we feel like we committed the biggest sin. Ugh. Sucks. Anyway, you should get in some exercise this weekend to help your conscience (and maybe your waistline, but we're not finished yet, so...). Saturday, gear up your bikes for Emerge Miami's Critical Mass -- EMPANADAS edition. Yes. This Saturday's Emerge Miami Critical Mass: Exposition Empanadas includes stops for empanadas around Wynwood and Little Haiti. One of the stops is at Miami favorite La Latina, where gluten-free Venezuelan empanadas reign supreme. The meeting point is at Allapattah Metrorail Station at 10:00am and you can RSVP on Facebook. Bring your own bikes, about $10-$15 for your empanadas, and an apetite. OK, so maybe this isn't the best way to clear your conscience of your devilish weekday eats. But, whatever. We don't judge.

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