Rincón Escondido: Affordable Tapas North of Downtown (Photos)

Croquetas de bacalao ($7)
At Rincón Escondido, a tiny tapas restaurant in Edgewater with cramped wooden tables and hanging pots and pans, things can get weird.

When you visit a tapas restaurant and the menu lists $10 tortilla de chorizo, $7 croquetas de bacalao, and $7 montaditos de boquerones, you might order three tapas per person, because most high-quality small-plates spots charge $7 for three croquetas. We are all familiar with this proportion of price to deep-fried goodness.

But then you go to places like Rincón Escondido and order five tapas for two people and end up with so much food that you must drag over a nearby empty table just to accommodate all the plates. And you end up paying $50 for lunch with enough food to feed four people.

Unusual? Yes. More extraordinary is this: Rincón Escondido's food is also pretty good.

Zachary Fagenson
That's the kitchen back there.
At the restaurant, there's only one waiter and one cook. Sit in the narrow dining room and order your meal. Then -- ding! -- a bell rings. Tapas are carried all of three steps from kitchen to table. Indeed, Rincón Escondido is a tiny place.

The croquetas de bacalao ($7), deep-fried and blasting-hot rolls, tuck codfish bits beneath a golden breadcrumb coating. Each order brings six.

There's a choice of montadito de boquerones ($7) or montaditos de morcilla. The salty anchovies are layered atop sliced baguette and topped with chopped tomatoes and a dash of olive oil. There were six of these too.

Montadito de boquerones ($7)

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Rincon Escondido Café

2697 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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