Toasted Bagel Company in Brickell: "Nobody in Miami Makes Good Homemade Bagels"

photo by Carla Torres
Move over New York. Miami's opening an "everything made from scratch" bagel shop, and its owners hail from the Big Apple.

Brothers Khalid and Islam Mohammed are originally from Egypt, but owned a bagelry in New York and Jersey for 14 year, so they know a thing or two about boiling and baking bread products. Their Northeastern outposts sold more than 3,000 daily, Khalid tells us.

"Nobody in Miami makes good homemade bagels," says Khalid. While we're not sure that we totally agree, we're intrigued. Intrigued to see what the back up for such a claim will be. In just two weeks we'll be able to find out.

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Toasted Bagel Company is expected to open in two weeks. Situated right next to Stanzione 87, it's a small and unpretentious deli. Still under construction, the interior still looks warm. Dressed in brick walls and wooden roof beams with hanging industrial lighting, the eatery will fit no more than 30 people in its quaint space.

Bagel buyers will be able to watch Khalid as he builds and grills behind the counter. A variety of 12 to 14 types of bagels will be available daily, all homemade, and with different flavors such as cinnamon, asiago, and French toast. There will also be homemade spreads to go. That's right, homemade cream cheese will be served with Toasted's toasted bagels. Choose from flavors like strawberry, veggie, raisin, scallion, and sun-dried tomato. Grilled sandwich bagels featuring Boar's Head meats will also be offered.

Homemade soups and salads will also be available for lunch as well as tuna and chicken salad. Sunday brunch will consist of freshly made waffles, croissants, and pancakes. You can also expect cookies as well as iced coffee. They go the extra step of making the ice from coffee. Khalid says prices will be well under $10 per person, which would include a fully stacked bagel and a drink.

An unfinished outdoor area will be transformed into a patio where clients can eat their bagels while drinking coffee and working on the computer, since the place will have complimentary Wi-Fi. Delivery, takeout, and catering will also be an option. Hours will be from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday thru Friday. There will also be late nights Friday and Saturday to feed all those hungry and drunk people that want a healthier alternative than say La Moon or El Arepazo 2.

"This is bagels the old-fashioned way, with old-fashioned ingredients: malt, conditioner, and sponge," says Khalid. "New York ain't got nothing on us."

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Much looking forward to their opening since I agree there hasn't been a great bagel place here. The best I've found is Sage deli which came from New York but it's in Hallandale. If you're up in Aventura, it's just over the line. Check out my review.


There's been signage at this address for two years announcing a bagel shop coming soon. First it was Brooklyn Bagels, then this new name. I'll believe it when it opens.


How long do you think it'll take before some snarky creep shows up here with a bigoted, nasty, only-in-Miami comment about their names or Middle-Eastern backgrounds or connections. Maby even an anti-Islan rant? Any bets?


They owned Brooklyn Bagels in Midtown. Glad to hear prices will be lower.

Clint White
Clint White

100 percent agree. Im from NJ and havent found good bagels, pizza or a good italian bakery yet.

Jennifer Desa
Jennifer Desa

Broadway Bagel in kendall has amazing authentic NY style bagels. Been going there for 15+ years.

Ursula Tavarez Ballart
Ursula Tavarez Ballart

I 1000% agree. Maybe there's a couple restaurants that carry a decent bagel, but no shops that offer fresh and authentic bagels with variety and quality. While on that note, will Miami ever have a good donut shop?

Aland Pirz
Aland Pirz

Brothers of Brooklyn in Miami lakes. Great bagels and NY diner atmosphere. This coming from a born and raised NYer

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