Tonight at Devon Seafood: Save Wine Corks, Get Up To $20 Off

Don't sit on your corks, cash them in for food
Are you one of those that collects corks from after a weekend of drinking wine? Maybe you have corks as decoration in your kitchen and you've no more space. Not to worry, wine is never quaffed in vain. Devon Seafood + Steak is introducing ReCORK Mondays. It starts today. So if you opened bottles yesterday to toast to the woman that made you, then thank her for saving you a few bucks on dinner tonight.

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The boutique seafood + steakhouse has partnered with Amorim Inc, a program that has collected more than 36 millions corks and put them to good use in sustainable footwear.

The local recycling program, ReCORK, gives diners a dollar off the finalized bill per natural wine cork. If you're thinking of turning your collection into a lobster and porterhouse dinner (we recommend the pretzel crusted trout), don't get too excited. There's a $20 limit and $50 maximum per table. Still, that's a pretty sweet deal, for cork's sake ...

And it continues. So what you spend drinking on the weekends, you can use to save on Monday's dinner. Who said Monday's have to suck?

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