Adam Fleischman, Umami Burger Founder and CEO: "We'll Resonate With Miami"

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Umami Burger's Adam Fleishman dishes on Umami Burger.
Umami Burger opens its Miami Beach location (and first-ever) East Coast restaurant today.

The California-based burger chain, featuring a "secret" formula that brings out the savory, meaty "umami" flavor (the fifth and most elusive of our basic tastes), is a favorite among celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Apollo Ohno, and Kendall Jenner, who often are photographed chowing down on burgers or tweeting about their cravings.

But don't think Umami Burger is all smoke-and-mirrors. The burgers all start with house-ground, hand-formed patties, which are then infused with "Umami Master Sauce." The patty is placed on a toasted, slightly sweet bun (to compliment the savoriness of the meat), and fresh house-made toppings are added. Umami also boasts a full bar.

In a sea of burger joints, what sets Umami Burger apart from the others? Short Order went to the source, asking founder and CEO Adam Fleischman what we should expect when we walk through the doors for the very first time.

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New Times: Unless we've been to California, a lot of Miamians will be experiencing Umami Burger for the first time. Tell us what can we expect?
Adam Fleischman: In Miami, we try and recreate the vibe of the original concept, so it's similar to our Los Angeles locations. The restaurant has a full bar scene and our classic burgers. The reason we have a following, is that we're trying to approach burgers in a different way. We're trying to put our own spin on it.

And what, exactly, is that "spin"?
We come from the prospective of good flavor. Umami is the savory taste and we add a lot of umami to the burger to give a craveable quality to the burger.

In California you have a California burger and we hear you'll be doing a special Miami burger.
Were going to do a Cuban style burger on the menu. The Cubano Burger has a pork and pork belly patty with mojo mustard, house cheese, pickles, proscuitto, and smoked ham.

The Miami Beach Umami Burger is actually your first-ever East Coast location.
The first East Coast. Exactly.

Is this the first in a planned expansion into the East Coast market?
We're going to work in selected markets that we feel at home in. We're concentrating on expanding into the New York market, the Miami area, and the D.C. area.

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Umami Burger - CLOSED

1080 Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL

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I was turned away at a empty restaurant. They told me they open Mon, and Fri was a soft opening only at 6.

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