Will Smith and Jaden Smith: After Earth and Miami Food Trucks

Courtesy Latin Burger
Will Smith arrives at Miami Science Museum for After Earth party.
Will Smith and his 14-year-old son, Jaden, were in Miami to promote their new film, After Earth, a summer blockbuster set for a May 31 release.

The dynamic duo hosted an After Earth party at the Miami Science Museum for nearly 1,000 friends and fans, who schmoozed with the celebrity family and chowed down on food provided by some of Miami's most beloved food trucks.

That's right, folks! When mega-celebrity Will Smith caters an affair, he turns to Ms. Cheezious and Latin Burger and Taco.

People lined up for autographs and food, and were pleased to receive both. Will and Jaden Smith took time to pose for pictures and chat with fans. The fans then were treated to grilled cheese and Latin Macho burgers.

Courtesy Latin Burger
Latin Burger's Jim Heins told Short Order that his truck served about 1,000 burgers at the event. That's a lot of beef!

Courtesy Latin Burger
Jaden Smith proved to be as popular as his dad, with plenty of young fans clamoring to take pictures with the second generation star.

Courtesy Latin Burger
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We had burgers yesterday! I would love to go event like those on a regular basis.

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