Critical Mass Friday: Five Places to Rehydrate and Replenish

Jacob Katel
Miami bikers will take to the streets en masse this Friday for a crazy route that will stretch 20 miles across Miami-Dade County.

Beginning at the Miami-Dade Government Center, the ride will take bikers up through the Upper Eastside, across to Miami Beach via the JFK Causeway, down Indian Creek Drive and Collins Avenue, and back to downtown by way of the Venetian Causeway.

It'll be a path for the strong and fit. But if you're neither and feel like taking some quick pit stops along the way, we have suggestions.

Bill Wisser
Blue Collar
Our first stop would be Blue Collar. We know, it's a little early in the ride to bust out the burgers and fries, but that's not what you'll be looking for. Any combination of Blue Collar's veggie dishes is an unbeatable mixture of good and better. For lighter options, you can order the mozzarella and tomato salad with balsamic reduction or the curried cauliflower ($4). If you're hankering for something heavier, try the mashed potatoes or the warmy bacony potato salad ($4). Wash it all down with some water (so you rehydrate) or a nonalcoholic bev -- we don't want to be a drunk during Critical Mass.

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Schnitzel Haus
Normally, we'd be at Schnitzel Haus for the beer, but not this night (we know, we know...). To replenish your carbs, stick to the spaetzle ($4) or the potato pancakes ($10.95). If instead you feel like going down the sweeter route, order the housemade apple strudel with real whipped cream ($5). The only thing you'll regret about the stop is that the entire path doesn't circle around the German gem.

Location Info

Blue Collar

6730 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

Royal Bavarian Schnitzel Haus

1085 NE 79th St., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

Emack & Bolio's

1915 Purdy Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

La Sandwicherie

229 14th St., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

Filling Station and Garage Bar

95 SE 2nd St., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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Anyone who participates in critical mass should seriously consider not "corking" or encouraging the practice.Not only is it against the law, but it is dangerous and causes altercations with motorists.Corking is not sharing the road and sends the wrong message.


You left out Sear'N Gears.....CargoBike Catering!!!!

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