Fitness Universe: What the Hell Do These Dudes Eat?

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Bodybuilders. They're big, they're buff, they're impossibly jacked. And while most people assume these toned physiques stem from steroid use, the truth is -- a huge part of having a musclebound bod involves what you put in your piehole.

With the Fitness Universe competition coming to Miami next weekend, we decided to talk to a couple of local hopefuls about what they eat to maintain those perfect physiques. (And no, you can't eat donuts every day and still have a bod like the Rock. Sorry to disappoint.)

First up, we spoke to a dude -- Phil Elbaz, a 26-year-old athlete from Miami Beach. At 5'9" and 178 pounds, he boasts 6% body fat. Find out how he got there after the jump.

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More than just a "body sculptor" (his preferred term as opposed to bodybuilder), Phil Elbaz is also a champion cyclist, currently working towards participation in the 2016 Olympics. He's also a 2013 Florida state team sprint champion as a starter (man #1) in a three-man team.

"I don't want to be huge -- I want to have a very efficient, athletic, natural and achievable body for the day to day person. I think that's why I get recognition for what I've done, because I'm all natural," he says.

Elbaz is so natural, he doesn't even take supplements. He also doesn't drink. Make no mistake - looking like him takes more than a little self discipline. He spends at least 10 hours a week cycling, plus up to two hours a day in the gym lifting.

"I personally believe if you want to separate yourself from the average gym look -- if you want to get to a whole other level as a competitor, I don't think drugs and alcohol can be a part of this lifestyle. It cuts into sleep and the way you feel the next day. To do this is a lifestyle."

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