Five Reasons Frozen Yogurt Is the Answer to All Your Problems

Lyssa Goldberg
Frozen Yogurt: a sweet treat to beat the heat.
We're officially halfway through National Frozen Yogurt Month and well into the 90-degree-temperature season (even though summer doesn't begin until Friday). So as a tribute to the only thing that can cool us down both physically and mentally, Short Order came up with a list of the five reasons frozen yogurt is the answer to all of your problems.

5. The Free Samples
Whether you have an indecisive disposition or are simply one of those people who has to try a little of everything because you're afraid of missing out, sampling fro-yo flavors is like taking a free culinary walking tour while standing in one place. You're presented with an array of flavors, from red velvet and cake batter to watermelon and açaí. Look at it as a bakery, candy store, and fruit stand all at the same time. No matter which flavor is calling your name (and most likely it won't be just one), you can sample as much as fits in a white paper souffle cup. Sure, you might satisfy your dessert craving before you've even paid a dime and end up walking out empty-handed, but hey, we've all been there before.

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