Five Stress-Relieving Foods for Heat Game 7: Guacamole to Popcorn

Jajarsine07 via Wikimedia Commons
Oh, Ray Allen, you three-point god, you.
While the rest of Miami -- and the nation for that matter -- was wondering whether the Heat would finally show the Spurs who's boss during overtime Tuesday night, all we could think about was where we could find a massive slice of fudge cake or pint of cookie-dough ice cream. Because we're stress eaters. And stress eating is a serious problem.

To get ourselves through the big Game 7 showdown tonight, we're asking the guests at our Miami Heat watch party to bring five of our favorite stress-relieving foods. Here's a look at an alternative to the usual beer and wings. They'll keep your stress levels lower and your fragile little heart a lot happier too.

Javier Lastras via Wikimedia Commons
1. Guacamole
Avocados have tons of potassium (more than 1,000 mg in the Florida variety), which help keep your blood pressure low. Who knew a scoop of guac could do you so much good? Kinda like losing a shoe or a headband.

Reiskeks via Wikimedia Commons
2. Blueberries
They're packed with antioxidants as well as stress-fighting vitamin C. Putting out a bowl of blueberries for a basketball game seems so un-American, but we promise you that the high-fiber, low-calorie snack will get you through the next turnover.

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